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Nov 7, 2013 5:00pm EST
is on the way. don't miss the updated first warning forecast coming up. ,,,, >>> mostly clear. and 52 degrees. the complete first warning weather testify is coming up. a troubling milestone for baltimore city. wjz is live at city police headquarters. rochelle ritchie is there and spoke with police commissioner anthony bats about the crime. and about what really needs to be done. >> good evening, kai. well, despite a number of criminals being put behind bars and thousands of guns being taken off the street, the murder rate continues to go up, just as suspects are arrested. >> reporter: 26-year-old davon ferguson is under arrest for the murders of two men, execution style. >> he was upset because one of the bahrain brother his spoken to his ex-girlfriend. >> these crimes are committed by people who shouldn't have guns. >> reporter: this morning, a woman died after being shot on the 1500 block of west baltimore street. >> when communities don't feel safe, it bothers me. it troubles me when children die in our street. it keeps me up at night. >> reporter: police, the mayor, police commissioner, a
Nov 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
for family members. >> we want water. we don't need meetings. we just need your help. >> reporter: u.s. marines are arriving with badly-needed supplies for the millions of disaster victims. >> it was a 15- to 25-foot wave, came across entire villages. so everything is wiped out. >> reporter: witnesses say the damage from friday's deadly typhoon looks more like the aftermath of a tsunami. >> i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. >> reporter: bodies line the streets. some store owners are use using guns to fight off liters. these american storm chasers became rescuers when the tigoon tore through a hotel. they used mass mattresses to help guests escape. tens of thousands are feared dead, but the death toll is difficult to track because phone lines are down. a sign of life came today in one of the hardest-hit villages, when a woman gave birth to a baby girl. alphonso van marsh, wjz eyewitness news. >> and our complete coverage continues with meteorologist chelsea ingram. she has more on the sheer power of this super typhoon. chelsea? >> hi. thanks, mary. let's first take
Nov 13, 2013 5:00pm EST
. for groceries, for mosquito nets. i don't know if you understand what mosquito nets are. blankets. materials to rebuild. and medicines. kid stuff, baby stuff, baby food. all sorts. >> reporter: what would you like to see people bring more of here to the center here on philadelphia road? >> we would like them to bring medicines, canned goods, dry food. that are not expired. and of course, diapers. we want them to bring blankets. >> and of course, cash donations are always appreciated. >> cash donations are most welcome. >> okay, pastor thank you so much. if you cannot make it down here to philadelphia road, it is so easy to donate. we have donated, pastor. thank you for letting us be out here today. >> it's 10939, a1, philadelphia whitemarsh. >> pastor, thank you. jessica, thank you as well. relief efforts have been hampered by many affected communities. the philippine government is revising the estimated death toll from more than 10,000 to 2500 people. so some good news there. >> reporter: flying high from an overnight win. ravens are heading to chicago to take on the bears. wjz is live in o
Nov 12, 2013 5:00pm EST
. don't know the purpose of why this happened to us. but we know that there is a blessing coming. >> reporter: putting a positive fay on -- face on tragedy, doing what they can to help. >> reporter: and another live look as they sort through donations here in the 10,900 block of philadelphia road. we have more information about this donation site on our website. but in the philippines right now, the situation is dire. many marylanders just want to help. and will continue to cover this. for now, we're live in whitemarsh. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. >> you can help victims of the typhoon. catholic relief services is taking donations. call 1-877-help-crs, or go to their website, >>> police are investigating an overturned truck. sky eye chopper 13 was over caroline and biddle street. the truck was flipped on its side. there doesn't appear to be any injuries. the truck was uploaded, uprighted, and then towed from the scene. >>> one of the greatest ravens of all time is out of a job tonight. ed reed is cut by his new team, the houston texans. sp
Nov 1, 2013 5:00pm EDT
, as if he were still alive. i don't think i can come to terms with what he did. >> did he behave strangely? >> he always smiled. every time he was checking my private, he smiled. when i went for my appointment, it would never be another nurse in there. it would just be him. just me and him. >> reporter: and adding another dimension to this, the lawyers say, some of the victims were minors. they're unsure whether any of the recordings were sold or placed online. levy was well respected. wjz found his medical files showed no previous complaints. >> looks can be deceiving. he was very -- yeah, he was very nice. very, very nice. i actually recommended him. >> reporter: those representing the victims complimented johns hopkins for trying to move the case forward and provide closure for the many victims. >> i think that hopkins wants to do the right thing for the community. they certainly want to do the right thing for dr. levy's patients, who i reiterate are their patients and they want to do the right thing and end this. >> now, those lawyers would not say how much money they were asking for.
Nov 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
left for the hospital. baltimore city police remain on the scene to investigate. we don't have any information on the condition of the victims. >> reporter: we will bring you more information at 6:00. >>> growing concerns. students in the baltimore area are worried after another robbery at the campus. >> reporter: the similarities are eerie. a second robbery occurred monday night on the same street as the first one. it was on east burke avenue. several men emerged from a car and threatened a man and stole the victim's cell phone and wallet. the victim from sunday is still in the hospital with serious injuries. >> reporter: neither victim was able to provide a detailed description. students are being warned to be on alert and not walk alone. >>> a truck driver crashes into a car, sends it over the bay bridge and into the chesapeake bay. that man has pleaded guilty for his role in the crash. the driver never set foot in a courtroom. >> reporter: this was a life or death matter for the victim in this case. the infractions were all misdemeanors and only required paying a fine. this vid
Nov 6, 2013 5:00pm EST
, telling you, your family don't care about you. you never had a family that loved you. >> reporter: knight was the first of three women kidnapped. >> i had to help him drill holes in the wall, to put the chains through, to hook us together. >> he was forcing you to prepare a new torture chamber for a new victim? >> yes. >> next came amanda berry, then gina dejesus. >> and i could hear somebody screaming, get off me! >> did he rape her in front of you? >> yes. >> after being raped multiple times, knight became pregnant. >> this is now in your third year. how many times did you miscarry while you were in captivity? >> five times. >> and... did he brutalize you every time he found out and. >> every time got worse than the other. >> reporter: knight was allowed outside just twice. once to dig a giant hole. >> was it big enough to be a grave? >> yes. for one person. >> there was a time in the house where i was going to die. gina picks me up into her arms and tells me to come back. you can't go like this. i begged her to let me die. and she wouldn't do it. [ crying ] >> we found them. >> reporte
Nov 14, 2013 5:00pm EST
work area to work, i don't believe this tragedy would have happened. they were on the right road side, had their lights flashing and in a safe area. >> reporter: unfortunately, accidents like this happen so often, the state passed legislation, putting speed cameras in work zones to keep crews safe. >> our crews are out there, every day, risking lives. and this bring its home that it is a dangerous job. >> reporter: it's a somber reminder are for all drivers, be alert while on the road. >> reporter: the driver of the volvo was also injured and taken to the hospital. now, anyone who witnessed a crash, should contact maryland state police. reporting live in towson, linh bui, wjz eyewitness news. >> linh. thank you. maryland state police shut down the outer loop for about two hours as they investigated. >>> acquittal. an air force officer who is in charge of the air force assault team is acquitted. >> the jury is deliberating for just over an hour. 42-year-old lieutenant colonel jeffrey lezin key. charged with assault in may. a 24-year-old woman accuse him of grabbing her back side after
Nov 8, 2013 5:00pm EST
against the 5th ranked defense in the nfl. i don't see it being a win. bengals 24, ravens 17. >> i can't go with the ravens in good conscious. there is no indication to me that they're going to win this game against a good bengals home. i give them a couple points for home field advantage. >> no one expected them to be 3- 5. so i am going to give you another surprise. the anemic offense will come to life. ravens beat bengals 27-20. >> i think ravens will show real fight at home but i can't pick them over a real good cincinnati team. it will be close but i will take bengals 24-20. >> tear capable of beating the bengals and i won't be surprised if they do. they haven't played up to their capabilities so my guess is cincinnati wins 27-20, just a guess. back to you. >> thank you. remember you can see the ravens and cincinnati sunday afternoon at 1:00 right here on wjz. we are keeping the faith. >> keep the faith. fingers are crossed. >>> still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. angry rampage, the latest scandal, the mayor of toronto and a closer look at his ranting next. >> a deadly crash,
Nov 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
is when we have these horrific incidences. >> reporter: advocates say the pits are not to blame. >> i don't think pit bulls are more likely than any other dog to do damage. >> reporter: 151 people were killed by pit bulls compared to 32 people killed by rot willers. >> reporter: and she may have fallen on to the dog when it attacked her. i'm rochelle richie. >> 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. >>> a naval academy student is accused with sexual assault. >> reporter: the court marshal is scheduled to begin february 10. mid-shipman josh tate appeared at the washington navy yard. the case stems from a 2006 party. it is allegeed the victim had been drinking heavily and was asauled by several students. she did testify she does not remember having sex with tate. another court marshal has been scheduled in this case, it's scheduled for january 15th. >>> today the family of the suspected gunman expressed their sympathy to the victims. now we're learning more about a letter in the suspect's bag. the letter says he made the conscious decision to try to kill. it also talks about how
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10